What folks are saying about Moon Over Bioko:

"Thank you for writing such a great story. It is loaded with lots of scientifically accurate information and contains an important conservation message. I will certainly share it with my science education classes."

-Dr. Kathleen A Fadigan, Assistant Professor of Science Education, Penn State University



"Heidi Rader's reputation had proceeded her long before I met her while participating in Bioko Biodiversity Protection Program's 2008 Research Expedition. I had been on sight staff for BBPP on Bioko for 3 years by that time and already knew she was one special lady. I was thrilled when Heidi first told me about her plans for this book and it's exciting to see it come alive on paper. Holly Smith has done a beautiful job with the artwork. It really captures the essence of the southern beaches of Bioko Island. I especially love the hidden monkeys, hyrax, mambas, and duikers in the rainforest. I found myself looking for those little gifts on each page. The sweet story sends a powerful message of the importance of protecting our natural resources. It is so realistic to the process of monitoring nesting turtles on Bioko. I love the added drawings and descriptions of the species of turtles that use Bioko for their nesting grounds. I've read through it a dozen times now and find myself going back there in my mind with so many wonderful memories of the magical place that Bioko Island is and the special people who live there. I could almost hear the waves crashing on the beach and feel the soft black volcanic sands under my feet. What a wonderful souvenir of time spent there. Makes me "homesick."  I cannot wait to see the other books in this series."

-Jennifer Seale, Texas


"I ordered the book a couple of weeks ago and read it as soon as it arrived!  It's awesome!  I may have to order more copies to use as gifts."

-Amber Wiewel, Bioko Island Study Abroad Program, 2007 participant.


"I really liked all of the pictures but my favorites were the ones with the dogs in them. My favorite part- when the big turtle came on the beach and got measured."

-Josh G., Age 12, Pennsylvania


"It was great!"

-Jennifer S., Age 11, Pennsylvania


"Moon Over Bioko is full of information and educates our children in a fun way!"

-Patty M, Parent, Pennsylvania

"Christopher's favorite part was when the boy found his first turtle. He liked the dinosaur painting the best. The book was inspiring to save the turtles!"

-Heidi A. Regent, M.Ed, 4th Grade Teacher & Reading 

Specialist Upper Merion Area School District about her son Christopher, Age 8, Pennsylvania



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